Urban Playground

Urban Playground
Helmond, Netherlands



On November 2011, Elir workshop occurred in university of Eindhoven. It was an international workshop for two weeks. Participating Universities were included:


– Universita’degli Studi di Firenze,Facolta’di Ingegneria, Italy

– Gazi University Ankara, Turkey

– Lusofona University of Humanity and Technology Lisbon, Portugal

– Hafen City Universität Hamburg, Germany

– Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny Wszczecinie, Poland

– University of Technology Tampere, Finland

– Universität Innsbruck, Austria

– Associated Universities University of Oregon, USA


In this workshop, every student would be in a random group with a random teacher from different universities. The workshop was about industrial waterfronts in Netherlands and reusing them in a sustainable way. However communication and leading were a important factors in the workshop. 


Urban Playground is all about to renovate the old industrIal waterfront to create a fun, playfult urban district which combines sports, recreation, shopping and food culture. The small intervations which create an big social and behaviour changes is the goal.


Nvertheless, as a bonus workshop, a brick workshop was organized which was all about how to make brick and how to build with it. As an addition to build an arc with 200 bricks in four hours in order to a man bike under it was a true learnful exprience. a final text was to to weight on each arc and measure its resistence. 


The result of workshop was surprising for me adn the experience was highly valuable since I automatically became a leader and presenter of the our group.


you can see the blog of workshop here