Swimming Pool Hardenberg

Swimming Pool Hardenberg
Hardenberg, Netherlands



On June 26 2013, the official go-ahead for the construction of the new sport centre in Hardenberg was published.


Zwarts & Jansma Architects designed swimming pool is an integral part of Hardenberg’s new Sportboulevard. The Sportboulevard consists of an athletics accommodation, a beach court for beach sports, a new indoor swimming pool and a sports hall.The new pool is organized in a way that the lawn and the two basins are oriented to the south. Functions such as changing rooms, stores and restaurants are located on the north and can be shared in the future with other sports hall.


The new pool is with clear and transparent structure, establishes a direct relationship between indoor and outdoor space. This glass plinth runs from the entrance into the wall on the lawn.The building consists of two main halls with pools, first is a multipurpose hall with a toddler and paddling, the other with a competition pool.ground has been an concerns since there is a lot of differece in elevation.However,


This level difference has been used to the advantage and contributes to spatial perception while creates strong sight lines across the different pools.The design for the new pool is a sustainable self-evident. In addition to an optimal tuning of systems for heating and air conditioning involves Pool Hardenberg residual heat from the nearby pipe manufacturer Wavin for its energy supply.The swimming pool is in use since June 2015.