Cafe & Deli Onder de Leidingstraat

Onder de Leidingstraat
Eindhoven, Netherlands



On ground floor of “Anton” building, old Philips factory building, in Strijp-S Eindhoven located Onder de Leidingstraat. A café, restaurant, deli & supermarket with organic products gets a rauw industrial & modern interior.


The idea behind onder de Leidingstraat is to create a place where organic cooking with a home-made food style is advertised. Nevertheless, from the supermarket the products can be bought to be used at home. The whole complex work not only as a restaurant but an educational platform.

Kitchen has been placed in the center of plan. Therefore, consumers can watch as their food is being made. The levels of bars has been changed carefully in order to create a special different experience for works and consumers based on different usage of space.

Also central kitchen establish a border for supermarket. On the other side of bar there is space with sunlight where eating, working and lounging is possible. The different furniture create the diversity on design and use: high tables with cable to work, low tables and chairs toe eat, arm chairs and couch for lounging and reading.

The raw industrial and modern design refers to the history of building which used to be a factory for Philips productions. The industrial character of building has been restored in design by carefully keep most of materials on floor and wall untouched. The rest of the space stays simple and white while the furniture a
nd plants are used to add color to space.

Trudo, is an company which through years has been busy with restoring all the buildings on Strijp-S in Eindhoven. Through they development a neighborhood has been created with loft houses, shops, restaurants, markets, food hall and etc.Onder de Leidingstraat (in Dutch means “under de street of pipes”) is on ground floor of Anton building, a pervious radio production.


This industrial building has been restore and transformed by diederendirrix architecten on 2013. This building offers space for 130 lofts and commercial spaces such as shops and restaurant on ground floor.


Onder de Leidingstraat has been announced as nr. 3 in top 10 restaurants of 2014 in world by Petite Passport. you can read more here.

Photo credits: Petite Passport and Boudewijn Bollmann