Eindhoven, Netherlands



Hethuis (THE HOUSE/HOME) is a brilliant idea from vanHelmond|Zuidam Architecten to make it possible for anyone to design their own house. This initiation is possible through working in a small team of professionals together in private housing sectors.


The process is that the team search for good locations and design as appropriate, beautiful, smart, sustainable and flexible homes. Each home design is only built once! Once the design, calculation and pricing is over, the real work starts. Design and calculation will be edited in several meetings with the buyers to meet their needs of living and working within the available budget. Once the design is finalized with the owners, the building permit is applied for and the construction is being prepared. Even after this, Hethuis team extends the services to supervise the construction to completion and settlement.


I have been lucky to work together with Hethuis team on two designs which now both are bought and ready to be built.