Eindhoven, Netherlands



Flexruimte located in Parktheater in Eindhoven. In 2013 the project has been granted to Architectn en en as a bonus project since they have been the architects of Parktheater, the main Theater in Eindhoven. 


Flexruimte is about to have a multi-functional room in Theater so freelancer can work and have their meeting there. The result of economic crisis in 2013 some libraries went bankrupt in Eindhoven. As an initiation the books had been donated to Parktheater and have been places in this room as a small library. Nevertheless, the space has the potential to be use for certain events. 


The design of flexruimte is as flexible as the function. The snake like turning tables is too use the space as sufficient as it is possible because of the columns in the room but also give a unofficial impression to it.

The stairs ending for tables can be used for adults as a seat but also for children to play. Therefore, there has been a slide added to create a friendly environment not only for adults but children. Nevertheless, the tables have sitting place and working place for children in order to make the room flexible enough for freelancer to work in a space with their kids.

The coffee corner has been add to meet users’ needs. However it has been designed to be able to completely close it in a closet which is integrated to the design in the case of events and shows.