Holland Expat Center South

Holland Expat Center South

Eindhoven, Netherlands



Holland Expat Center South is an part of Expat Boulevard for VDMA terrain in the center of Eindhoven.

The Expat Boulevard concept is about creating a center for expat who come to Eindhoven to live, work or study.


All needs and support systems (housing, social events, practical information, food courts, parking) for expats are constructed into a location in the center of Eindhoven.


Expat Centre is the second stage of development which is completed after Hub for Expats. Expat Centre is an organization supported by governments of Eindhoven to provide the governmental and practical help for Expats. Nevertheless, they organize social events and workshop.


the design principle is to try to make the room looks larger by using color of white and simplicity in design was encourage. The street side have been saved for the most vivid function of the office while the back side it use for meeting rooms and management office. The small kitchen and waiting room is the first room to enter with is decorated by color purple in the logo of Expat Center.