Cultural Ring of Tehran

Cultural Ring of Tehran

Tehran, Iran



Watching a city, even though the scenery be nothing spectacular, can be pleasant.

City is a big building growing towards the sky, only it has a higher scale and it would only in time will gain its shape and scenery.

In each moment, more than a eye can seen, or ear can hear, there are happening. There is nothing in the city which does not have a relation with it surrounding, memory and events. At this moment, there are rarely perfect cities. But there are part which are pleasant.


Many people, living in Tehran, think of their city as a ugly city which is too crowded, dense and not divers; but they have forgot the balance between the spaces. They feel there are not enough sceneries and diversity for their steady life.


In this sense, it is necessary to create a ring in Tehran which is rich in meaning and culture and contains diversity. The routing also should be close to main streams to create a good accessibility.

Nevertheless, there are rarely walking routes in Tehran because of the dominance of cars.

This design is about a routing with connection to “Valiasr Street“ and “Tajrish Square“ to improve the spacial organization of the district.


In my opinion the historical and cultural values in the chosen district has been forgotten by habitants and governments.


The design started with research, recognition, analysis, master plan and small scale design.


The focus of the design is:
– A landmark routing
– Sequences of landmarks
– Balance, freedom, mobility, option
– Pedestrian
– Natural elements
– Needs of users