Augustinianum School


Eindhoven, Netherlands



Augustinianum is a Catholic school, which exists more than century-old tradition. Over the years there have been new extension added to original design.


On 2013 architecten en-en together with Leon Thier Studio desined the new school on the same location.


The school is situated in a green environment with large playing fields for sports which is visible from outside of terrain. But the most important feature of Augustiniaum is art and culture , drama and (pop) music and extracurricular programs.


The green area around the original building provides space for new construction. The history of this environment hereby serves as an inspiration. Long ago there was a castle on the road from Eindhoven to Geldrop. The design of the new Augustinianum school is close to this idea. New construction offers the opportunity to take the good and to seek the new. Sports, drama and pop are used as a logo, creating a school that radiates what it stands for and thus gives meaning to his curriculum.


The central agora is the heart of the building. Each subject area at school will have its own atmosphere and aura which different worlds around the agora. The entrance bridge connects to the agora, which leads directly into the heart of the building. Rising agora floor works perfectly as a landscape, but also acts as a stage during performances. Under this stand is the creative underground rooms for drama, music, art and culture. Around the agora are the other domains located. The stage for the performances is located on the border between inside and outside, separated only by a large theater window overlooking the greenery and sports fields.


Therefore, the result is a new type of building that hosts activities but at the same time serves as a backdrop for activities, the new image of the school; a podium building.