22 Distrcit

22 District
Tehran, Iran



University campus is a studio during bachelor’s period named “preparation land”. The studio is in two part which this is the first part.


Preparation land means that there has been a empty land chosen by municipality for a certain development to join the territory of the city as a sign for its growth. This development can be a residential district, university, industrial area or … .



The studio is very practical as a urban project. it contains research, analysis, policies and design. A main principle in this project is statistics. In order to create a residential district, we needed to discover and analysis of the districts around and need of master plan of the city to calculate the program details such as population, number of families, member of families, different type of housing from square meter to levels of the building, square meters of road, utilities, infrastructure, commercial spaces and etc.


One the calculation are done, it is essential to translate them to a plan. Put the square meters of roads and other function and distribute them in alternatives plans and then design one.