SMG Film Campus

SMG Film Campus

Shanghai, China


the place where the real and imaginary world collide


The design for the Film Campus aims to create a vibrant and sustainable film industry based campus. But most of all an inspiring and inviting place which fulfills everybody’s needs. A place where people can accelerate their business and get the best out of their talent. A place to meet and to exchange knowledge and new experiences.The Film Campus is aiming for an integrated environment suitable for creative entrepreneurs, actors, visitors and even for people living in the surrounding neighborhood. Open and accessible to a wide range of target groups. Suitable for young and old. 

The overall ambition for the Film Campus is clear. Creating the right drivers for success for both people and business. A place where people can feel happy and work in a healthy environment. 
In order to achieve this goal its crucial to create the right conditions and create a business ecosystem. In this case a creative film based ecosystem. An ecosystem stands for all kinds of conditions both physical as non physical that effect how people and business perform.

One of the most important conditions in creating a succesfull ecosystem is making ‘Open Innovation’ possible. It stands for creating the right conditions where people can encounter each other and exhange knowledge and experiences in order to improve their bussiness. Apperently small things suchs as the design of public spaces are crucial in these encouters. Reserach has also shown this. 

he architectural concept makes a clear distinction between the outside and the inside of the Film Campus.   

Outer Facades:

The outside reflects the real world and has a yellow tone expression. The applied material is natural stone and blends in with the surrounding context. The natural stone is applied in a vertical way in different patterns depending on the building type. The vertical pattern is applied per floor with the intention to keep the scale small and human. 
The outside world consists of all facades that are facing the roads on the outside. In some places the natural stone façade is combined with green panels filled with vertical vegetation. 

The purpose of these facades is to break down the scale and to create small micro climates that help to reduces heatislands in the city and at the same time collect rainwater.  

Inner Facades:

The inside world is reflected by a different material that aligns with the interactive world inside. The materials that are used on the inside have a more technical expression. They are more interactive and respond to different light effects. One of the materials that is used is glass. Both in transparent and non-transparent appearances. The natural effect of glass is that it reflects light during daytime and during the night it plays an important role in the atmosphere of the inner world. One of the main buildings in the north cluster has a special treatment of the glass in order to create holographic effects. 

The elevated building with stairs underneath located in the north cluster has a polished chrome façade. Seen from the mainroad on Jiangchang West Road is reflects a glimpse of the innerworld for people and cars that are passing by. 
Additional to the reflective glass facades in the south cluster the material that is used for the inner world is poly-carbonate. This material has a layered effect and also reacts on light.  These facades, especially applied around the fantasy world play an important role in creating the atmosphere during the night. During daytime is has a subtle clean expression. 

In the south cluster on of the facades facing the fantasy world is built up out of LED. This facades functions as a big interactive surface and can be transformed into a million images and atmospheres. 

The submission is done in collaboration with Inbo , architect-associate responsible for the project being Mark Dekkers.