DPD Headquarter Eindhoven

DPD Headquarter

Eindhoven, Netherlands


The first pile for the new, large-scale European sorting center of parcel transporter DPD Netherlands at business park Westfields in Oirschot near Eindhoven is already grounded. The beating heart of the sorting factory is a sorting system of 900 meters with a peak capacity of 50,000 parcels per hour


The new building for DPD consists of a distribution hall of 18,000 m2 with above it an office of approx. 3,000 m2 divided over 3 office layers. To ensure that the logistics process runs smoothly and in the future, there will also be a parking garage for vans and cars and a high-quality entrance building with a parcel shop.


The first phase of the T-shaped hall is 265m long and 50m wide and offers the pride of DPD: a high-tech sorting machine with a maximum processing capacity of 50,000 parcels per hour. Through this sorting machine the packages are sent to one of the 210! loading or unloading doors to be distributed in the Netherlands or abroad. The hall's challenge is literally; form follows function. We design a coat around the sorting system. The ambition is to get as much daylight as possible into the hall: we achieve this with large skylights and a combination of large translucent façade openings in a dark gray façade panel. 


In order to ensure that the trucks can maneuver unhindered on the grounds, a special typology has been chosen for the head office: you reach the building via a joyride through a parking garage and walk over a 30m walkway. DPD has the ambition that visitors and employees of the office and sorting center meet. Everyone therefore enters the office of situated at the front of the plot on top of the hall. From the work café, you can look through the distribution hal and sorting machine. We realize an open layout office as 'room with a view'. The entire façade consists of a curtain wall with a beautiful view of the surrounding forest. We design an activity-oriented workplace concept for DPD for the approximately 130 office workers. 


This project has been done in collaboration with Inbo and architect partner responsible for the project is Bert van Breugel.