's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands


Comfortable living in Boschveld


Boschveld is a neighborhood in 's-Hertogenbosch. This district was created before the Second World War, when an industrial complex and a cattle market were built. In the 1950s, houses were added to this complex.

The location of this project is in the center of Boschveld which is the inspiration of the name of this special project: “The heart of Boschveld”. Boschveld is located directly north of the Den Bosch train station and 5-minute bike ride from the historic city center.

The project contains around 100 homes in different types and price ranges and is being built in several phases. The houses with garden are located around a central green axis: literally the green heart of the project. It will be pleasant & comfortable living in Boschveld.

The design for this new development is inspired of three atmospheres from the Boschveld neighborhood: an existing 50’s neighborhood, The industrial character on the edge of the plan and the green park-like character at the heart of the plan. The housing design blends in seamlessly.

This project has been done in collaboration with Inbo and architect partner responsible for the project is Bert van Breugel, the Municipality of Den Bosch, Van Wanrooij development.

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