Eindhoven, Netherlands


In a typical Eindhoven Stratum is Kruidenbuurt located.  A cozy, diverse neighborhood that has been renewed for a little over ten years. with very diverse houses in a spacious plan. 


Now that renewal is coming to an end with the construction of 147 rental properties and the sale of 86 special owner-occupied homes spread over 2 blocks. 

The floor plan of 86 special houses has been designed by diederendirrix Architect however 12 unique facade has been designed by  6 architects which the buyers  eventually chooses for an facade. 

Two designs from MaSa Architecture has been selected by Trudo and Stam en de Koning in a closed competition.

The facade has a contemporary design which an element has been targeted to create an accent. 

We find it important for buyers to be able to recognize their house from far: Individuality is concept here. 

Therefore in one proposal the facade in a harmonious project a bay window which all the other elements stay simple and humble. The perforated brick adds a unique character. 

The second design is simply has a vertical accent with reflective material which blend to the surrounding by reflective sky and the neighbourhood.