Marjan Sarab – founder of MaSa Architecture- graduated from Art University of Tehran in 2010. In the same year she received a scholarship to study Master of Architecture at the Technische Universiteit in Eindhoven. Since then she moved and lives in Netherlands.


Since 2012, she works in collaboration of other architectural firms such as Zwarts & Jansma architects and Inbo where she participated in projects such as renovation of Thialf, Completing the highway ring of Antwerp, Eneco Energy Campus, Film Campus Shanghai, several residential towers in Amsterdam.


Since 2014 she founded MaSa as a private architectural practice where she realized projects such as Onder de leidingstraat Cafe, Plug in City 2.0. Next to projects, MaSa is busy doing research studies in Architecture targeting modular sustainable concept housing and creating more object oriented design such as furnishers and jewelry.


MaSa believes in design as a full-cycle and collaborative process that should involve multi- discipline aspect in Architecture.

The main approach of MaSa is to look at architecture with an analytical eye and challenge the questions its decision for a better solution.

For us is very important to not specify our approach to sustainability, human scale design, or close collaboration with its client since we do not look at this as extra points to be gained but basis of Architecture and design field that should always exist.

However with having the background of urban design, we believe in contextual design of each project. Each challenges requires a different approach and solution: INDIVITIALITY an NEEDS.